Thursday, September 29, 2016

another wasted day

Another day on it's way out the door in a few business hours and nothing resolved. If the buyer doesn't get her closing disclosure today then closing on Monday (as we've now been promised yesterday) is not going to happen either. Every day now we've been told they will get her the CD by 9pm that night.

My gut is telling me something is going on. According to the agent and the buyer, the buyer has already wired her closing funds to escrow (on Tuesday), she has resolved that. Why is it taking 4 days and more to re-do her loan/closing documents? and if it really is something to do with the appraiser needing to make a couple of changes/corrections, well then how long does he get to get this done? Is he given a new deadline then?

And yet we are supposed to keep giving and keep making sure this is all convenient for everyone else, but not us. I specifically called the agent on Friday afternoon and said I'm picking up and paying for a big u-haul tomorrow morning, IF you think at all this is going to get delayed due to this appraisal due date being so close to closing date (and not turned in yet at that time I called her), please let me know and we will hold off. Oh no, I'm not worried at all, keep packing.  So, now everything but our clothes are loaded and have been sitting in there since we finished Sunday afternoon. And at this point we don't even know when we can leave and unload it all! There was no way dh and I could load this by ourselves and we had the weekend muscle available. Our issue, not hers and we are dealing with it. We've now had to reschedule our closing on the house we are buying 3 times! at this point I just told them I'm sorry, all I can do now is wait until she gets her CD and we know a closing date. Everything else is just dates they keep extending it to over here.

But she wants to move in tomorrow! We already agreed last weekend she could move some things into the garage to store now. She has to be out of her apartment tomorrow and last Monday, when we were told closing would then happen Thursday (or maybe Friday) then she could have done that. But she was still expecting us to leave! No, we are not leaving now until this is a done deal. In fact, at this point, until we get notification she has received her closing disclosure and the closing date/time has been set, we do not even feel comfortable letting her move in even more stuff.  Today she called and wanted to know if Comcast could come in now and set up her internet/cable! We are still living here (she knows that) and aren't leaving until it's closed now (she knows that) so, no, we aren't canceling our cable/internet/phone, just so it is convenient for her schedule. I'm still trying to work from home and salvage a bit of my wasted vacation time taken this week.

The agent (who is also buyers agent) stood in our house that first visit with us and said she uses this lender all the time and they are really good. Yesterday she tells my dh on the phone that she doesn't use this lender very often........

We have been more than accommodating to this buyer. We've let her come several times to show her friends her new house. To show her how/where all the systems work/located. We even had her ex-in-laws pull up (dh happened to be outside) and even let them come in and look around to see it! We are more than conscientious about not asking our seller to accommodate our problems. It's not their problem! But no one ever seems to feel bad about asking us for favors, concessions, accomdations, etc.  Guess I just operate differently :/


  1. On the bright side the people you are buying the house from seem to be really accommodating as their closing date keeps getting delayed too which costs them money as they have to maintain the house (gas, electric, taxes) for all those days as they wait to close.

    1. Yes, thankfully they have been very good, which eases the stress on that end.

  2. So your agent is the seller's agent? Isn't that a conflict of interest? Is she thus getting 6% commission or less? 3% for seller's agent and 3% for buyer's agent all paid by the seller is standard.

  3. an hour after I signed the termination paperwork on our previous sale and was not relisting with the agent we had been using previous 4 months I get a call from this agent wanting to show my house to her very interested client in an hour. I was like what? our house sale just failed and not relisted yet, we don't know what we are going to do. Well, first agent goofed somehow and it got relisted for a few hours, rather than changed to "expired" and this agent saw it and her client wanted to see it. Agent came over that evening to talk to us and she was very confident her buyer would make an offer as soon as she saw it inside (she'd already driven by). We negotiated with her for 4% commission, since she was bringing buyer and no other real work would have to be done to re-list. So, yes, we have same agent. I guess that would have been no different than if our other agent had ended up bringing a buyer in. We were 6% with her, but if she brought buyer it would have been 4.5%.

  4. I'm just amazed these lenders actually get paid to treat people like this and leave their lives in complete limbo. It's affecting buyer, she has to be out of her apartment tomorrow and find temporary living and storage. It's affecting us. We were assured closing on Tuesday (for sure Wed) and are living in our home out of suitcases. It's affecting the seller of the house we are buying, because he now can't close and move on, etc. And the lender makes the money!

  5. She sure shouldn't be bring anything in till this is over. Her problem, let her complain to the agent. Don't be nice anymore. Cheryl

  6. I'm sorry that you are having to deal with this. I think that a large part of it is regulation put in place by the government to curb bad lending because of the mortgage meltdown in 2010.

  7. You rented a truck to sit in front of your house? Well, let her get a storage unit. Don't let her bring anything else into the garage and especially not your house! No, don't cancel your services for her. What is her motivation to hurry this along on her end is you are so accommodating on your end? You are not here to make a buyer's dreams come true to the detriment of your mental health. I need to come up there and take these people
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