Monday, September 19, 2016

One more week (I hope)

We finally had the appraisal done last Thursday. Got about an hours notice that he was coming to do it. Apparently had an opening so we said, of course come and do it. As far as we know today, closing is still scheduled for next Tuesday, the 27th. The days seem to be dragging....I think mostly because I just keep waiting for some kind of bad news about it all!

The weekend was nice. DD and her BF came down for the weekend on Saturday morning. We really don't have much left to do, so we just spent most of the time visiting. It's starting to hit us that we will be 500 miles away soon. Saturday afternoon we all went to a birthday/campaign fundraiser party. Our good councilman (who is running to be re-elected) had a birthday and Saturday was also the birthday of the signing of our Constitution and he's very strong on the Constitution.

The get-together was held at a couple's very nice lakefront home with a small gathering of some of his supporters. Beautiful home (even though the weather wasn't too good) and very good food (salmon, halibut, etc). Seeing their home made us want to get our new house built! Their entryway/great room was very similar to what we have for our house plan. DH got roped into getting up and speaking again, but he liked it.  We also got to meet some very nice new people. Both DD and her BF said they really enjoyed it too.

I got a phone call a few days ago from one of my old high school friends (one of the ladies from our get together girls night last April) and we are going to meet up for lunch later this week, before our move.  That was so nice of her to call and plan this lunch with me.

The lender for the house we are buying is getting annoying, LOL. "last of the conditions" of course keeps turning into more and more.  Last week I had to send an updated checking transaction statement, which now included a $2350 deposit they want explained.'s the $1000 earnest money we got back from our offer on the land, when our sale fell through and we had to rescind. It's the $1000 earnest money we got back on the house, when our sale fell through and we had to rescind. It's the $350 we got back when we paid for a foundation inspection that the buyer was supposed to pay.

With that explanation they wanted yet another updated bank statement....which now includes my debit card being hacked with (6) $500 transactions to some super market in Haiti from last week, so I just went ahead and included that explanation, too, because I'm sure then they were going to ask about that now.  And while I was at it I included an explanation for the $108 deposit from my daughter, where she reimbursed me her monthly cell phone an car insurance.

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