Sunday, November 16, 2014

It's cold out!

Brrrr - it's been cold here. Night times in the teens and 20's and daytime in the 40's. But, pretty blue skies.  Yesterday we did some yard maintenance. Got the fuchsia bush pruned down to the ground. Amazing how it grows so huge every spring/summer. DH tried to trim some overgrown shrubs and just kept getting frustrated with the little gas trimmer he has. It rarely wants to start and if it does it only runs for 20 seconds. So he was cussing and swearing at it and I asked him where he even got it in the first place, because it's not like him to have crappy stuff.  Apparently it's something his dad gave him years ago (probably because it didn't work right) and DH has fought it every time he has tried to use it (which isn't very often). Finally, I said, just throw it away! So he tried to pull the starter a bunch more times and finally walked over to the garbage can and threw it away. Just like his dad to take crappy care of stuff and then wonder why it doesn't work.

Later, after he had used the leaf blower, mowed them up with the lawnmower, etc., he came back in the house and said "I couldn't throw it out" I think I need these gas lines and this little filter". LOL. So, I'll make a trip to the auto parts store today and see if I can find what he needs. I looked at the prices of new ones - they are pricey! $300 on up. Hopefully his fix will work.

Today we are waiting for the Comcast repair guy to come. Our phone isn't working right. It rings on our end, we answer it and no one is there and on the callers end it's going straight to our voicemail. Plus when we make calls it cuts in and out and you can't hear all the other person is saying.  I called them on Wednesday to report it. They said they were to try and fix it on the backend first and if not they'd have to send out a tech. Of course when they called to tell me they needed to schedule an appointment, it went to voicemail. I tried to call back right after (Friday evening) and called the # that was left in the voicemail and then was told I had to be transferred to another department that handled phone service and I was on hold forever. I finally hung up and tried to call back and was told the wait was an hour and a half to talk with customer service. So, I tried back yesterday, when the wait was only 10 minutes, and finally got to talk to someone to schedule the appointment. we'll be able to answer all the spam phone calls we get, which are 95% of the time our phone rings.


  1. Pffft! Cold is 9 degrees, with wind chills below zero! High today was 18 degrees! The wind whipping around made it feel like -2! Now THAT is cold! Burrrr!

    1. Yep that is cold! Glad I live in a fairly mild climate :-) We don't get too cold for very long, but when it does we aren't too used to it.