Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Crabby Wednesday

I had a nice 5 days with DD. I also took Monday and Tuesday off work.  We enjoyed shopping, a lunch with my mom, and dinner out with DH (all celebrations for her birthday). She will be home again in 2 weeks for the Thanksgiving weekend, then 10 days back at school and home for a few weeks at Christmas break.

She had dropped her car off at a friends shop on her way home and I picked her up after work last Thursday. It took us 3 hours to get home - 83 miles! We left about 1:30 yesterday afternoon to take her back to our friends shop to get her car. (He only charged her $60 and did a bunch of fixes on it!) We hadn't planned on DH coming, nor did we even want him to come, but he did :-(.  Of course it was hours and hours of having to listen to him complain about traffic, etc.  I had hoped traffic would be a bit lighter, since some people had the day off, but it wasn't. There was a big wind storm, so trees were down in lots of areas, which we hit on the way up there and had to detour, so that added an extra 45 minutes or so. It took us over 2 hours to get home (better than the 3 hours it took DD and I, I guess :/).  Traffic around here is beyond ridiculous, so now I have to listen to DH piss and moan that he can't stand living here, etc. We need to move, etc. I need to find a job in some small town, etc. Problem is - all the places he wants to move to (medium/small towns) have almost the same cost of living as where we are now (which is strange), but salaries are way less.  There's no way I'm giving up a $75k a year job (with potential bonus's) for a $50-$60k a year job and have almost the same housing costs.

It's all a moot point anyway - we still have negative equity in our house and couldn't sell it to move even if I wanted to.  It just gets tiring listening to him complain about it and then act like it's all my fault.  And I'm tired of him acting like I am stupid - when in reality it's him with all the stupid ideas and notions. Like our home phone is acting weird - people call and it rings, but on their end goes straight to voicemail. But not every call does this. I took his cell phone off his charger to try and call our home phone as a test to see if it went to voice mail. It did, but my cell phone didn't. Our neighbor tried to call us 4 times this morning and went to voice mail. So, he flips out that I took his (rarely ever used) cell phone off the charger before it was fully charged! OMG! Taking it off the charger will set the charge and it won't fully charge anymore. I'm like not anymore. Years ago batteries were like that, but not anymore. Oh no, I'm wrong, stop always disagreeing with him, blah blah.  Finally I just said fine, no problem, I'll never lay a finger on your cell phone again, but just so you know for your own personal use, here is a link to where it explains modern cellphone batteries are all lithium and you don't have to fully charge them, if you don't want to or can't sometimes. Geez - it's not 1990 anymore and I am not stupid.

Then he suggests that maybe our  neighbor has his phone "blocked" and if we don't accept blocked calls it's going to voicemail. I said, no, that's not it. First if he was blocked, his number wouldn't show on our caller ID and second....but before I could make my second point he's flipping out that I don't know what I am talking about. Anyhow, my second point is that our phone setting isn't set to block anonymous calls. And I'm right on both points, anyway.  I called Comcast and they are trying to figure it out from their end, before sending out a tech. The Comcast phone assistance lady tried to call twice and it rang on my end and went to voice mail on her end. Hopefully they will figure it out soon, because our phone quality is cutting in and out on many calls, too.

On a good note, we finally saw both of our little barn kitties today. We weren't even sure if they are around anymore. The food doesn't get eaten very quickly and I don't know if our indoor/outdoor cat eats it too. I know he goes up in their little hut we built in the wood shed, so he probably eats out of their bowls too.

We finally got a call back from the new Lieutenant over at the sheriff's office. He basically acted like they can't do anything about our neighborhood drug problem! Give me a break. He said probably the best they will be able to do is increase the patroling, try to make some arrests, and that will probably quiet the drug activity down....for a bit, but they'll just start up again. He said he'll look into it and get back to us in a week. He said if the county had drug laws like the city did, they'd have them busted easily, but since we are out in the county, they don't have as many avenues to get the busts as the city cops do. I guess the city cops can get search warrants and probable cause easier than the county can.

I just need a break from DH! Ready to go back to work at the office tomorrow, LOL.

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  1. I'm sorry but I would move if I were you. I would take every penny I could to put on your house to pay it down. The drug activities sound very scary to me and they have to know that you are the ones turning them in. A kid in our town as murdered in the last year and it was related to drug activity-- he was squealing.