Monday, September 8, 2014

More leaks!


Saturday morning, as we were decluttering and putting DS's bedroom back together (it looks really nice now, by the way) DH looks up and sees a stain in the ceiling! We have a leak in the roof, now. Apparently, there is a vent type pole coming out of the roof from the wall between his room and the bathroom. Stain was most likely painted over on the bath side in our recent remodel (and guy didn't say anything to us, of course). DH thinks he can fix it with some roof sealant around the pipe coming out. Another trip to Home Depot and $30 spent.

Then Sunday morning, just before DD was leaving for work (DH still asleep) I was in her bathroom just to double check the pipes DH fixed to make sure everything was still sealed and no leaks. I feel a bit of water on the floor behind her toilet. But, it's kind of an oily feeling water. What the heck?! Then I feel her toilet connections and feel the same thing. I assumed it was leaking now (also new toilet and connections from the remodel) but why is the water oily? I was not thrilled about having to tell DH this news when he awoke. It took every ounce of energy he had and then some on Friday to take care of the first leak and also preempt a leak in our master bath, due to that plumbing being done the same way. He was not ready to deal with another crisis.

I mentioned to DD about the oily water. She went back in her bath to finish getting ready. She figured it out! It wasn't the plumbing leaking. It was a bottle of our dogs anti-biotic tooth rinse that was up in the cupboard above the toilet. It was leaking! an oily type water! She threw it out and cleaned it all up. Whew - crisis averted!

I want no more leaky situations around here!


  1. Good save by DD!
    Water problems are bad because you never know when they'll hit and you can NOT ignore them w/out having worse problems later on.
    Glad you dodged this water bullet.....

  2. Plumbing-related problems can really be overwhelming at times. Especially when new ones seem to pop up after you solved the last. Thankfully, the second problem is a false alarm, and the leak only came from the medicine bottle. That’s a huge relief. As for the pipe on your roof, I think it will be better for you to have it checked by your repair guy. Just to make sure it doesn't become anything major in the future.

    Melba Banks @ WestBrook