Friday, September 26, 2014

A few wins

It was only a 4 day work week for me, but sure has felt like a 5 day one. We've had lots of rain this week. A welcome reprieve for all our lawn, trees and plants, though I'm already tired of wiping the wet dogs off when they come back in the house!

My turning the well owner into the county did the trick. As of yesterday a new well pump was installed and we now have normal and decent water pressure! Hopefully we can have a few years now without any other well issues and I don't have to deal with this annoying well owner, other than to send her my annual payment in January.  I have no idea what will happen when she dies (she's 82) - the ones to take it over are her kids - the parents of the drug dealers. Nice...

My turning the foreclosed/vacant house around the corner from us into the county earlier this summer for the huge trailer load of garbage dumped there and the 3 feet high grass also did the trick. The county contacted the bank about it and they have been having someone regularly come and do yard work and keep it clean.

I reported our 2 street light issues to our power company a few weeks ago and they came out the other day to replace the bulbs, and with the new LED kind. The light out on our street between us and our good neighbor flashes off and on all night and the light at the corner has been completely out. Not something you want to have in our drug infested street. Speaking of which.....the drug traffic is back to an almost all time high the past month or so. I report it almost every day online to our police drug tip line.  I sure wish this reporting did the trick, but it's all been going on a year now with no resolve. The past couple of weeks the drug house behind us has been doing banner business at their drive up window.

Here's an example of what I reported online to the drug tip line this morning - just a typical day/night on our street (that just has 3 homes on it). None of these live at the house:
Camouflage 4x4 truck - in/out 6 times
14 other vehicles in and out- all staying a minute or two
15 walkers or on bikes, with backpacks, in/out

this goes on all afternoon and night until 6:30 every morning

Seriously, if the cops spent 2 nights working all the people coming and going, they'd have enough evidence to get into this house and take care of it. SO Frustrating.

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  1. Glad to hear you were able to resolve your well issue.