Saturday, April 19, 2014

Weekend stuff

DH and I went to Home Depot last night to pick up a yard project for him to work on. We bought another pallet of blocks. He was short a couple at the end of last summer when we bought our BBQ grill and he made a little area for it. We also put one of the maple trees out kind of in the  middle of the driveway last summer. He put some large rocks around it for the time being, but wants to make a little "island" with the blocks surrounding the tree, a couple of the large rocks and I'll probably get a small bush or two to add. I'd also like to put some solar lights in the "island".  Leftover blocks will start the little patio/step area we want to add to our back french doors.  I had just received an email from Home Depot for $10 off a $100 garden purchase so was glad to be able to save a little on it. When we return the empty pallet we will get another $10 back, too.

Since he doesn't have any muscle help, he's going to have to do this project pretty slowly, but that's a good thing. It will give him something to do for a longer period of time.  Today's weather isn't looking too good, so he might have to wait until tomorrow to start it.

DD got good news from her job. They will be moving her up to a server position as soon as they can find someone to replace her as host weekday mornings. She is very excited and hopefully it won't take them too long to find someone. The managers hate advertising the job openings and dealing with all the resumes and interviews, so most times they find their people through word of mouth - friends and relatives of the current staff. She should really be able to save a lot of money with server's tips all summer and she doesn't leave for college until late September.

DD has very curly natural hair. It's so pretty, but since about junior high she has straightened it every day. Most of her friends don't even know her hair is really curly. But the past couple of weeks she has gone natural with it a couple of times and everyone just flips out over it. I think it's giving her some incentive to try and wear it like that a little more often. Plus, it's gotten really long, down past the middle of her back. I wish I knew how to copy the picture she took of the back of her head in the mirror and put on instagram, but I can't seem to be able to copy it.

I'm off to the store soon - need some Easter candy. Even DH asked for some candy, which he doesn't usually do. He wants peeps (yuck!) and jelly beans.  After that some house cleaning is in order.

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  1. I hate Peeps too, although they used to be my favorite when I was a kid. I saw different flavors at Target - strawberry, orange cream, & even chocolate covered!