Monday, April 28, 2014

Back to Monday

Saturday was a pretty busy day.  DD and I took pooch to his vet appointment in the morning. Dropped him back off at home and then headed out to do some shopping.  We wanted to go visit Hobby Lobby, as I have heard about it but we've never been. The closest one is about 20-25 minute drive, and while on the way I had to stop at the manufactured home supplies place that was on the way there and exchange the wrong size sink drainer/basket the guy gave me a couple of weeks ago. He gave me 2 different sizes. This guy is really annoying! I gave him the wrong one, said I needed the smaller 3 inch one and I get the replacement one home and it's still the same size! I am really sick of making a trip to this place for a stupid $4 drainer basket!

Hobby Lobby was fun - DD found 3 things to buy before we barely got past the first few displays. It was all 50% off stuff, so she only paid $15 total for a cute little glass ring/jewelry holder, a cute glass hour glass with teal colored sand (her main dorm room color) and a small decorated clipboard she can hang on the wall or door.

Then we got our weekly grocery shopping done and headed back home. DH was taking a nap and I was tired from the busy morning, so I took about an hour nap and up just in time for DD and I to head back out to go see a piano recital that her best friend was participating in.  It was at a nearby private university and a very nice little event. Listened to some classical piano music and hey, I even recognized the art that was out in the lobby (because we had gone to an art exhibit last month, so now I was familiar with this artists work). I felt so cultured, LOL.

Got home just in time to get dinner started. We were having steak, so it was quick and easy. DH was on the phone to a friend he hadn't talked to in awhile, so DD and I watched a movie on Netflix. I had tried to make a list of movies that sounded good. We watched one Friday night. It was ok, kind of boring, but the one Saturday night was cute and heartfelt. The Magic of Belle Isle, with Morgan Freeman. We both enjoyed it.

Sunday was a rainy lazy day. There was a little sun break later in the morning and DH was being a crab, so DD and I went outside and pulled the weeds along the front little trees. Only took about 20 minutes. Now we pretty much just have the side treed area left to do......and then we get to start all over! When we got back in the house DH was over his crabbiness.  I helped DD make a sort of home made apple pie. She's never made a pie before and wanted to try. It was premade pie crust and canned filling, but really tastes good! Dinner was a big bust. I picked up this heat up ravioli meal to try and it was awful. Ended up going to McD's to get DH a burger and fries.  Then we watched the last movie on my little list of movies to watch.  Now I need to come up with a new list. Gotta get my money's worth out of Netflix and DH and DD like it when I already have movies picked out.

Good weather is finally here this week. High 70's and low 80's mid week. It will feel like summer around here. It hasn't even been in the 70's since last Fall!  Friday is our company lunch meeting and I'm anxious to find out what it's about and if we get that bonus I am hoping for.


  1. Fingers crossed for your bonus! Sounds like you had a very nice weekend.

  2. LOVE Hobby Lobby, after years of driving to one 45 minutes away they finally opened one a few months ago just 10 minutes away. NOT good for the wallet, but ohhhhh so fun to walk around & dream ...