Sunday, October 20, 2013


I tried to make it a productive day. I spent some time on the internet looking over coupon deals first thing this morning and found a few things worth getting at RiteAid. Then I cleaned and wiped down the fronts of the stainless steel appliances. They sure do get fingerprints and such easy! Then I made the cheesecake I was going to make last weekend. Not sure it turned out the greatest (I haven't tried it yet!) but I'm sure it will be edible. It kind of cracked and sunk in a bit in the middle.  I've only ever made a cheesecake once, years before, but it was a different recipe than the one I tried today. The first one I made was an oreo cheesecake that turned out really good. This was a New York style.....guess we'll see a little later how it tastes. I'm still too full from dinner to have any dessert yet.

Then DD and I went and got a newspaper and after coupons and UP Rewards I got 5 cans of Campbell's soup, Speedstick deodorant, Finesse shampoo and 4 Snicker's bars for about 4 bucks. Not bad. Also picked up a new battery for the garage door remote.

I cleaned the bird cage, took out the garbage and then vacuumed the house. By then my back was aching, so I took a nap for about an hour. Naps around here are hit and miss - if DH is at his desk (or taking a nap himself) I can get in a decent nap. If not. he's banging around the house and going in and out, slamming cupboards and doors. He seriously has no concept to be quiet when someone else is sleeping. I gave up trying to complain about it years ago. Deaf ears...

DD is giving itchy dog another bath right now with his medicated shampoo. Yesterday I spent $136 at Petsmart! Ouch. Needed dog food for said dog ($50 for a bag on sale) and also some more fish oil capsules, which we have been giving him for almost a year for his itchy skin (and has been working until a couple of weeks ago). Last time I bought the fish oil I got a different kind because we were at Petco - so maybe it wasn't working after a month or so of giving him these. Now, Petsmart didn't have brand I had been giving him, so I bought an expensive GNC brand (it was almost $30) - but it was on a good sale and I only have to give him 2 pills, instead of 3 that the other kind required. Plus this GNC fish oil is alot higher in Omega3, so maybe he'll stop itching soon.  We also got each dog some good deer antler bones. Not cheap either, but they last so long.

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