Friday, May 11, 2012

Good news and more good news

The bad and unpleasant things from this week are turning out to not be so bad!  I had to take Dd to her consult appointment about getting her wisdom teeth out.  I was expecting my share of it to be at least $800, as I know I spent at least that out of pocket or more 3 years ago, when my son had his out.  Well - my dental insurance plan must have improved because Dd is only going to be $366 out of pocket. Boy, was I relieved and happy to hear that.  We are having it done in August, so I have a few months to put aside for it and shouldn't need to tap into my savings.

My computer has been having problems the past week. Started out with some ads popping up, that Ds thought he fixed but earlier this week it happened again. I downloaded the Norton software free from Comcast and now seem to have worse problems. My computer has crashed twice, getting the dreaded "blue screen" with a screen-full of words about dumping but before I can try to read it all it just shuts down. Ahhh!  I was emailing with my boss this morning that I was having problems, and since I'm working from home today, if it crashes again, I'd let her know. (it's a 6 year old computer - I'd say I've gotten it's life out of it) I said a new computer will probably be my Mother's Day gift. She replied back that she will have the company buy one for me since I do most of my work from home! I'm so excited to hear this and was totally not expecting it.  One more thing I don't have to pull out of my savings for.


  1. thats great that you only have to pay $366, dentist costs can really add quickly with wisdom teeth

  2. It was certainly good news that your dental plan allows you to pay only $366 for getting the wisdom teeth out. Dental procedures can sometimes be expensive, even if it just pulling out wisdom teeth. It is impressive how dental insurances nowadays can cover a lot of dental procedure at a reasonable price. I hope Dd’s dental procedure turned out ok. How does she feel now?

    1. I'm happy we have a better dental plan through work than we did a few years ago when my son had his out. She did fine with it and had them out the first week of August. Recovered quickly and no problems. Both my kids surgeries were like that, so I think he's a really good oral surgeon.