Sunday, May 20, 2012

Back in the coupon groove

I got myself back into using coupons this weekend and it sure feels good!  I found some good deals on things we use, with store sales and coupons and rebates.  Here's the highlights:

Banana Boat and Hawaiian Tropic suncreens. Got both for $7.83, after coupons, and received a $5 Target gift card, so net of $2.83 cost for both.

MD Bath tissue - 12 pack double rolls 2/$9 (store coupon - Dh is particular what he uses on his tushie, so I have to buy this brand)

Snack Pack 4-pack puddings .64 each (mfg. coupons). Purchased 6

Best Foods Mayo $2.50 each (store coupon). Purchased 2 (limit)

Land O'Frost lunch meat $3.50 each (store sale). Purchased 4, now stocked up in the freezer

Jello 6-pack $1.84 (mfg coupon)

Clorox Ultra Bleach 96 oz. Got 2 bottles for $2.76 (with mfg coupons), used my previous Rite Aid UP Reward of $2.00 towards total and will also receive a $3 Rite Aid mail in rebate back..  Yay for Free bleach!

Jif Peanut Butter 40 oz - $5 each - we go through peanut butter quickly so I bought 3.

At my regular grocery shopping trip on Friday I also used $11.90 in coupons.  Woo!


  1. Good job! I've never seen Snack Pack coupons. I love those things, and only get them when they're on sale. You did great. Gotta love free bleach (even though I don't use it).

    1. Tanner, I printed the Hunt's coupons from a couple of days ago. Not sure if they are still available to print or not, but you can usually print each coupon twice.

  2. Good job with the sales & coupons!! :)