Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Outta sight!

Well, I shoulda known Ds's eye doctor visit would be at least $200.  I forgot his lenses are the polycarbonate type so that they aren't so thick/coke bottle looking.  So, our 2 pair for $70 ended up being $216!  There was an extra $15 tacked on the "free eye exam" if you wanted the visual field type exam.  The special lenses for both glasses brought it up to $216.  Well, at least he has 2 pair now..he calls them his "fun" pair and his "business" pair, LOL.  The business pair are dark and make him look kinda smart and nerdy :-)  He's so funny.  All in all I was happy with this vision center (America's Best Eyeglasses).  If he didn't need such a strong prescription it really would've ended up $70.  I priced a couple other places out - Sears Optical - which we get a small discount through our health insurance plan would have been at least $190 - and that's only for one pair of glasses.  Last year the place we went to was very pricey - $270 - and that wasn't even for frames - ds kept his same frames and just got new lenses.  So, all in all, I am pleased to get him 2 pair for a little over $200.   I priced out one pair with out using the "2-fer/free exam special deal" and would've been $189. I would probably use this place again. I pretty much planned on spending around $200, but we were hoping the 2 glasses would be $150 or less and then we could use the rest towards some rx sunglasses that are pretty reasonably priced at Walmart.  I'm going to make him wait on those now, since I spent my budgeted amount.

I had planned on stopping to pick up some dinner, since it was getting kind of late, on the way home but remembered I had some steaks in the fridge and we got home by 5:45 so it really wasn't too late by the time I got those fixed least a $15 savings by not being lazy - yay for me!

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