Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Over and under

As usual, I've blown my budget on take out food :-(.  I was so tired when I got home from work on Monday and hadn't decided yet what meal I was going to make and then dh said he'd like Wendy' of course I jumped right on that.  Good thing is when we do take out it's usually only just for dh and sometimes ds, too.  Dd and I will just have a snack at home or something light for dinner.  Yesterday was Dh's birthday and I did manage to go under budget a bit on that.  Was planning on Chinese takeout (approx. $23) but forgot this restaurant is closed on Tuesdays, so dh opted for Arby's.  I had a coupon so to feed 3 of us (ds was at school) was only $10.70.  I made the birthday cake, so that only cost a couple of dollars.  I had budgeted $50 for gifts and ended up spending $38 total, thanks to $20 Kohl's cash and 15% off coupon I had.

I swear I saw a commercial on tv advertising McDonald's egg mcmuffin's as buy 1 get 1 free.  I decided to stop in this morning and pick up 2 for dh and my breakfast. Nope, they were full price, so I spent $5.38.  Guess it kind of evens out - I was out to mail a payment that needed to go out today for the company I do bookkeeping for as my side job, so basically I earned $5 for the 10 min. I added to my time :-)

At least none of this is major dollars, so far nothing major has come up this week, knock on wood!  I bought ds's textbooks online this morning.  The college bookstore wanted $70 each and I got them for less than $45 each, plus one of them I was able to go through MyPoints and earn 400 points, equivalent to a few dollars on a gift card.

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