Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Clutter and the cost

My work desk is a cluttered mess! More so than usual lately.  And now I've lost $8 in Rite Aid UP Rewards and a $3 coupon I was going to use this week.  They have just seemed to vanish!  Sunday I figured out my deal, clipped the UP rewards off the bottom of my receipt and printed/cut the coupon I needed....I haven't really been at my desk much since Sunday as I worked at the office the past 2 days, but sat down this morning to grab my coupons and can't find 'em.  I even (sorta) decluttered and still can't find them.  It's driving me nuts.  There really isn't anywhere else they would've ended up but on my desk!  My UP coupons and the deal expires on I'm sure they'll turn up on Sunday..........GRRR!

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