Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Lunches and more expenses

I took some leftover hashbrown casserole to work yesterday.  Today I took some awesome macaroni salad that Dd made - that's all I ate - just a big bowl of macaroni salad!  It's such a yummy recipe we got from a friend.  Macaroni, ham, onions and petite peas.  We halved the recipe and still have a huge bowl of it.  Got lazy (as usual) about dinner and went and got tacos, but at least those are cheaper than say McD's.  We stopped at Winco Foods on the way and picked up some fresh bagels for breakfasts the next couple of mornings. I love their bagels.

Yesterday I had a big $112 expense - Nasonex spray for Ds's allergies- OUCH! There is no generic version and Ds's insurance only covers generics.  But worth it to not see him suffering as bad, plus he only really seems to have allergies bad enough to need this expensive stuff for about a month every summer.  He also takes Zyrtec, but we got a bottle of a years supply, 365 pills, for free a few months ago.  Ds's girlfriend's mom got a great deal at Costco with some coupons and got a 2nd bottle free, so she gave it to Ds.  That probably saved me close to the $100 I'd normally spend on it during allergy season, so guess it all evens out in the long run. Plus Ds doesn't take it all year long, so with the expiration date on it, it will be enough to get him through next years allergy season too, so really $200 savings overall. If Ds needs Nasonex for more than one month I might consider calling his doctor and see about trying Flonase...the pharmacist said it is alot cheaper and there is a generic version out now.

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