Sunday, December 23, 2012

Last minute shopping

Of course I still have shopping to do! It's always that way. A last minute thing I think of for a gift and it seems like I'm always getting the final stocking stuffers at the last minute. I'll be heading out soon to the mall to try and avoid the crowds. One of DD's items on her wish list was a gift card to a sporting goods store (to put towards an expensive new tennis racquet she wants). I thought I would probably be able to find it when I was out yesterday morning at one of the nearby stores I visited - seems they have every store gift card but that store. By then it was 11 am and the roads and stores were getting very crowded and taking the trip to the mall was not something I wanted to attempt. The 6 mile drive would literally have taken me close to a half hour each way, plus trying to even find a parking spot.

I did get her a couple of free stocking stuffers yesterday! I had $10 in RiteAid UP Rewards to use up, so along with a couple of other things to get to the $10 total I picked up 2 comsetic kits (one nail polish and one eye shadow) for $2.99 ea - buy one get one 50% off and if you buy 2 you get back a $5 UP Reward. Who doesn't like free? and she loves make-up. I had very little to pay out of pocket since I had the $10 coupon and then I got back a $5 one to use later. Her stocking includes 2 other free items - a compact/mirror I got free months ago at RiteAid and a $10 Starbucks gift card I got free with MyPoints.

I *think* the only things left I have to buy is the gift card and some scratch off lottery tickets and candy to add to the stockings. But, most likely I'll remember something tomorrow morning and have to make one last run shopping.........


  1. Oh Gosh - I had 2 comments and one was spam (looks like I'm going to have to start monitoring comments, unfortunatley, as I'm getting spam every post now). I went in to delete it and report as "spam" but I accidentally did the legit comment as spam! So sorry to whoever that was!!! I think it was Lena?

    I got to the mall at a little after 9:30 this morning. Not too crowded yet. In and out of the sports store in about 10 minutes or so and back on the road to home, where traffic still hadn't picked up yet, so all was good!

  2. Spam comments have been crazy on my blog as well. I moderate all my comments.

    Haven't left the house all day. You got some great deals at RiteAid, well done.

    Gill in Canada

  3. You're a better woman than me - there's no way in heck I'd venture near a mall 2 days before Christmas! CRAZY!! If I don't have it now - I won't be getting it! I'm settled in baking, wrapping, and reading by the fire! 2 days after Christmas I'm flying out to PHX for the winter! Wishing you and yours a Merry Christmas and a Great New Year!

  4. You are brave! I have to return a jacket I received that's too big, & I'm going nowhere near the mall! Hope you are all done after your gift card stop, & can relax & enjoy the rest of the hoidays!

  5. Good job on the Rewards and you should be okay at the mall at night, I think going later is best too! Although the only thing I have left to find is a stuffed animal and believe it or not, I was at the Hallmark store and they had NOthing I would get. I will try to find one somewhere tomorrow. Then I am done too!

  6. Merry Xmas and all the best for 2013!