Thursday, May 26, 2011

What to do with my hair?!

I have a lady that that cuts my hair - she has a little salon in her home.  It's cheap - $12 and I tip her $2-3.  My hair is shoulder length layered so I can usually go 8 weeks between cuts.  I've always colored my hair myself (well, my mom does it for me) as I have never been able to afford having it done professionally.  The past few times I've colored it I've tried to go change from blonde to a light brown - the color just won't hold too long - within 2 weeks it's all faded out back to blonde (which isn't my natural color anyhow, so I'm at a loss as to why it keeps going blonde, since I haven't actually used a blonde dye for quite some time now!).  I've been wanting it a light brown with blonde highlights, so splurged and spent $50 (with tip) for my hair lady to do this. didn't turn out near the darkness I wanted it to, but I did like the highlights she put in.  The shade did last quite a bit longer than my home dye, but my hair lady said that the reason my other dye jobs didn't last could have been a result of the shampoo I was using...some shampoos fade out the color, so it could just be that is why my home dye jobs have not held whereas hers did hold longer.

So, it is time for a touch up..and I'm at a loss what to do. I still REALLY want it light brown (and my hair lady realized it probably wasn't as dark as I wanted it and said she would go even darker next time), but I just do not want to shell out another $50, especially if I am going to end up as disappointed as I was last time.  I'm thinking of trying a light brown shade at home and then keep using the shampoo I switched to to see if the color holds longer.  Probably worth a shot to spend $7 or so compared to $50.  Heck, I guess it would be better to color my hair at home every 4 weeks at $7 each rather than spend $50 every 8 weeks! Hmpf.... I've been using Clairol Nice n Easy, so I think I will try the new foam type they have out. It looks like that I can do myself rather having to have my mom do it for me.

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