Monday, May 30, 2011

Expensive weekend

Well, the dress clothes for the funeral ended up $310 total (but I did get back $20 in Kohl's cash to use later).  The suit jackets ended up $75 each, with tax. I made the mistake of having the guys look at shoes with me while we were at Kohl's, rather than just getting them on my own.  The shoes they picked out were $57 each, so about twice what I had budgeted.  And Dh wanted a dress shirt he saw, so that added another $22.  Ah well...

I really need to get back into couponing and getting the good deals.  I've been pretty lax the past month - I just haven't seemed to have the extra energy.  And with the past couple of weeks and dealing with the loss of our friend I really have had no desire and have found it hard to concentrate.  While grocery shopping yesterday I had at least brought 2 coupons with me, totaling $2.50.  I totally forgot to give them to the checker!  So, my goal now is to get myself back into the game of savings.

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