Thursday, May 26, 2011

More of those inevitable unexpected expenses

Sadly, we have a funeral to attend this weekend.  Dh and Ds are going to be pall bearers.  Unfortunately they aren't much "dress up" kinda guys so their nice attire consists of khaki's and the like, but neither of them have a suit jacket or black shoes and Dh doesn't have black slacks.  So, will have to fork over some dough on all that.  We got Ds's sport coat tonight - $70 at Penney's, which was about the minimum I figured I'd have to spend.  Tomorrow I am taking Dh to Kohl's where I have already scoped out a bunch of black sport coats on clearance for $66.  I have no idea what size he is in that kind of jacket, so hopefully one of them will be his size.  I saw their dress slacks are running about $27 and they had some dress shoes for $35.  I did get a 15% off coupon in my email today from Kohl's (THANK YOU KOHL's!!).  All in all this is all going to cost me about $225 total. But, it's one of those things that can't be helped.   It's also costing us quite a bit in gas as we've had to fill up the truck in order to haul some things to help out with the funeral service and reception.

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