Saturday, October 1, 2011

Grocery budget

My weekly food expense just seems to keep going up and up, little by little.  It seems I can now hardly get out of Walmart for less than $150! I'm hoping now that Dh has to be on a lower cholesterol and lower calorie diet maybe my food costs will drop a bit.  Or is that just wishful thinking?  One of his main high calorie items is soda, which is expensive, so I think he'll be cutting that consumption in half.  With less take out foods trips, we will eat from home more, which might raise my grocery bill, but should lower the take out expense.  Food is not as expensive as take out so I should come out a little ahead on that.  Ds isn't home most nights for dinner anymore, as he has school, so I should see some reduction from that.  I'm just not seeing it yet.  It's probably all just a wash with the added expense of his monthly medications.

I think part of my problem of why I am always so surprised at my total is that I have been getting terrible about writing everything we need down on my list.  My list this week wasn't even that long and I was seriously thinking I'd get out of there for $100 or a little more. Then it came to $150! I was shocked.  I got home and compared my list to what we purchased.  I had almost double the number of items as was on my list!  Dd added quite a few things she wanted for her school lunches and snacks at home and there were several items I just plain forgot to write on my list - that I get every week! I think I just need to up my budget more as it's obvious I can't get by on spending $125 a week for groceries, cleaning supplies, health and beauty and the other occasional misc items I can pick up at the same time while at Walmart. 

Well, off to make some peanut butter cookies from one of the package mixes I got on a good deal quite some time ago and then never made.

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