Thursday, October 27, 2011


I made it through to this morning with a whole $1.04 left in my checking account, plus $4 cash.  Sooooo stupid of me. My goal is for that never to happen again. Today I received the small check I get each month from one of my side jobs, for $97.50.  That will tide me over until my regular paycheck gets direct deposited into my checking account on Saturday morning. Payday is Monday, but with direct deposit it hits my checking on Saturday. Then I can go grocery shopping and pay all my bills online.  I deposited the $97.50 on my way home from work, spent $48 for gas and $7.62 for Dh's weekly favorite burger joint take home dinner.  I will be able to get my check of about $800 from my other side job next Tuesday.

I'm looking forward to tracking my expenses daily for the next month to see where all the "misc" spending goes to and also compare the groceries, gas and take-out budget categories to what I actually spent.

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  1. $1.04! lol! I'd be stressed too! Glad you have some $$ to tide you over! I find that tracking my spending sends me a bundle! :)