Saturday, October 22, 2011

Mad and depressed

I am so mad right now.  My "cushion" of about $100 or so until I get paid at the end of next week is gone.  All thanks to Ds.  The kid really needs to learn some better planning skills, especially when it comes to money.  He has a website that he uses for his little web design and graphics usiness, plus he uses it to create the test pages for websites he does, etc.  He got it a year or two ago and the hosting services is paid for annually at $83, and of course it was set up to come directly out of my account (NOT sure why I ever agreed to that,  I don't think I did - I think he paid for it when he first got it with my debit card and it got set up without him or me realizing it). So, out of the blue I get $83 deducted from my checking this week that I was totally not expecting.  He says he didn't get any reminder emails that this was going to happen, but I'm sure he did and just ignored them.  I made him go online and take my debit card off.  I do not like my card tied to things that are recurring - especially when it's only once a year and of course I would totally forget about it come the next year.

Then today, he gets himself in a bind and needs some money for gas and some food for today.  He made plans about 2 weeks ago to ride down to Oregon with this guy to check out some go-karts, as this guy is thinking of buying one and wanted Ds to take a look with him and help him make sure he's getting something decent.  But Ds still had to drive almost an hour to this guys house, plus money to get into the event and something to eat.  He leaves with $20 in his pocket, not enough gas to get back home, and nothing in his checking account where he could get money from an ATM.  Hello?!! C'mon, he is 20 years old now - old enough to know ahead of time he would be short on money.  So, I had to get $40 out of my checking and deposit it into his account, so he could use a cash machine or put a little gas in his car on the way home.

Which left me with $98 to buy groceries for the week and that is all I have left.  I just bough the very minimum to try and get by and spent $78, so I am hoping that will get us through - leaving me a whopping $20.  I am so sick of this.  This is like the 3rd month in a row this has happened to me.  And of course this is transferring back the $50 I had put into savings last week.  I think what I will do on Monday is ask for my small monthly check I get from one of my side jobs, usually around $90-$100.  I would normally get paid on the last Thursday of the month (as that is when I cut checks for this business) but I'll just cut myself the check on Monday.  My boss is actually the one who signs the checks (it's a side business the owner's of where we work have and I just do their bookkeeping a few hours each month). That way I can get at least a $100 in my bank account until my direct deposit of my regular paycheck shows up next Saturday morning.  These $100-$200 unexpected things coming up every week are killing me!  Something's gotta change.


  1. recurring charges are a real pain, and so easy to forget about, hang in there!

  2. Thanks! I don't think there is anything else tied to my checking account now that comes out automatically. I pay my bills online, but I go and initiate the payments myself each month, nothing is set at automatic or recurring. Hopefully I can get back on track in November.

  3. If it's not a regular expense, its SOO easy to forget about! I wouldn't want that either! I am forever forgetting about our water heater rental bill that we get in the mail every 4 months, then have to budget crunch to pay it! Very annoying!