Wednesday, October 12, 2011


We are beginning to think our neighbor of almost 20 years is a hoarder.  He is a single guy, never married, no kids, in his early fifties.  Works a good job for the county, which I'm sure he'll retire from eventually.  UPS or FedEx delivers almost daily to his house.  He has a big shop, like 40x80. - with lots of stuff in it.  A couple of summers ago he had a friend come over and spent about a week taking every thing out of his shop and putting it all on pallets in his yard.  Then they put it all back, all nice and neat. He could park his vehicle in there and had room to move around.  Dh went over to talk to him the other day and was inside his shop.  It was full and full of unopened boxes everywhere and no more room to move around inside.  Dh said there were many boxes of prepackaged food, disaster kit type of  food stuffs.  Last time Ds was over to visit with him he told him all the stuff will be his when he dies. Said he'd give him the code to his place and to take whatever he wanted when that time comes as he has no one else to give it to.  Hmm....makes me feel sorry for him. He's a nice guy, just always seemed a little odd, but who isn't, really?  He makes decent money, has no social life, so he just sits online and buys things he doesn't need.  Sad.  If we are still living here 20 years down the road, ,or whenever he dies of old age, it will be interesting to see what all he hoarded.  Maybe we'd have to call a tv show in to help us, LOL.  Or if nothing else, when this world economy collapses or there is a world war we know where to go for food and supplies!

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