Friday, October 21, 2011

Looking ahead to November's budget

I worked on my budget for November today.  It is looking like I will have about $750 left over and above my regular expenses, to cover those unexpected things that pop up, hopefully still leaving me with a nice cushion through the end of November.  The paycheck(s) I receive at the end of each month don't have my house payment coming out, so that is the payday I must make sure gets me to the end of the whole month.  The mid month payday is just enough to cover the house payment, auto insurance, gas and food. 

This $750 left over is even with me planning for $200 for dd's birthday, gifts and a small pizza party and for paying $475 towards dh's doctor bills I will owe in November.  I have almost $900 owed (most of this is due to dh's cyst removal surgery going to deductible), but I'm just going to pay half this month and half next month, to make sure I am not leaving myself scraping by again.  I am going to pay the 3 smaller lab bills in full and then the other 3 bills in 2 equal payments.  From working at doctor's office's billing department in past years, I know this was never a problem when we had patients do this, it was quite common and we were always willing to work with them in that kind of situation.

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