Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Small steps to an EF savings

Just when I was going to start trying to put money aside in savings for an emergency fund we decided to paint the house, so all my savings plans went to that.  I do not want to go through any more days where I am scraping by on a few dollars until the next payday.  I have decided to make small goals towards getting to $1000 in savings/EF.  My first goal is to get to $100.  Today I transferred $50 from my checking to savings account.  At first I was going to just do the whole $100, but with all the unexpected things I don't plan very well for, I know I'd just end up taking it back out by the end of next week.  If I have money leftover when the next payday comes on the 15th, I will then transfer more.  After I reach $100, then I will work towards $200, then $400 and so on.  Occasionally I get little $3 checks from survey site, so I am going to start putting those direct to the savings.

Goal total to date: $51.76 (I already had a whopping $1.76 in savings!)

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