Friday, October 21, 2011

How I saved $73!

Dh's doctor prescribed Crestor for his high cholesterol, as the first statin medicine he tried caused severe muscle pain.  Crestor might too, but the doctor felt it was worth trying one more type.  I looked up the price online with his health insurance and thought it was going to be the $15 copay.  I get to Walmart last night and it's $73 - ouch!  There is no generic for Crestor.  I don't even have and extra $73 right now and really didn't want to spend $73 on medicine that in a few days he might have to stop taking anyway.  So, I told the pharmacy lady I'd  have to hold off right now due to that price.  Figured I'd call the doctor's office this morning and see if maybe they had some samples to get him through the first week and then we'd know if he had the bad side effect.  I got online last night with Crestor's website and they offer a voucher for a free 30-day supply!  Plus, if this medicine works for him they also offer $50 off each month's supply for 12 months! Woohooo!!  After looking at their website I recall seeing a tv commercial about this a week or so ago, but it didn't really register with me because he hadn't been prescribed it yet.  Plus, I realized that the prescription is actually for 1/2 a pill each day, so 30 pills is really going to be a 60 day supply for him.  I am so happy I did the online search - over the course of a year this could save us $373. Nice! :-)

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