Thursday, October 6, 2011

Better planning

I’m trying to plan ahead in my spending to save money.  I’m going to get gas on  my way home from work today, even though I don’t really need to fill up yet.  I will have a little over a quarter of a tank when I get home from work, but will definitely have to fill up first thing Monday morning, if not this weekend after running around.  I usually get gas at 2 different stations, depending on when I need to fill up.  If it’s on the way to work I get gas at a station about 12 miles from my house, which is usually cheaper then everywhere else along the way.  If I end up needing gas on one of the days I’m not driving to work I get it at Safeway, which has a .03 discount for club card members.  I noticed this morning that the Safeway price for mid-grade gas is 20 cents higher than the station farther along my to work route!  20 cents!  That is a lot.  So, I have planned to fill up on the way home this afternoon to take advantage of the savings, rather than wait until  or have to get gas Saturday or Sunday and end up paying the higher price.  Every little bit helps

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