Saturday, October 29, 2011

Shopping day

It's been a busy day.  Grocery shopping this morning. I spent $172, more than the $150 I budgeted, but that is why I am tracking it now. $8.80 of that included a book of stamps. I saved $10 with coupons and price matching.  Dd and I treated ourselves to Starbucks before the shopping.  Then when we got home and I gave Dh his $40 spending money (newly added to the budget to try and help with things he wants) and he turned around and told me to go buy myself something with it!  What a dork - after all his complaining he never has his own spending money.

I had been mulling the idea of going to Penney's today to find a new top or two for work - using the $12 in gift card money I had, and figured if I spent $18 more, I'd also get $10 in JCP cash for another purchase.  With his $40, my $12 in gift cards I spent another $21 to get to over a $60 total purchase.  I got 5 tops!  Then I gave Dd the $20 in JCP cash I got from the purchase and she put it towards a new purse and paid the balance with her allowance money.

We stopped at the Dollar Store to look at party supplies for her upcoming 16th birthday party.  Picked up 2 table covers, napkins, cups and plates for $5 total. Then we went to Party City - big mistake! The place was packed for Halloween.  We found some cute Sweet 16 items, but will go back another time when the line to pay isn't practically out the door.

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