Saturday, October 8, 2011

Not getting credit for coupons

I got my grocery shopping done bright and early this morning.  Not many shoppers in Walmart at 6:45am!  I had a few items I price matched with Albertson's and Safeway's ads.  Del Monte canned fruit for .99 (Walmart price 1.38), Crescent rolls for $1.68 (WM price 1.98), I Can't Believe It's Not Butter for $1.24 (price matched WM's price of $2.28 to $1.99 and had $1.50 off 2 coupon) and saved .10 a can on some soup and had a .40 off 3 to add to it.  I really need to start handing the checkers my coupons one at a time when I have several.  Again, a couple of my coupon's didn't get credited (this happened to me at Safeway awhile back).  Today, after I got home, I noticed 2 coupons, totalling $1.65 didn't get credited.  I looked away for a minute as the guy behind me was asking if those were internet coupons, so I guess I didn't notice a couple didn't beep/credit me.  It's getting annoying, but I guess if I start handing them over one by one I will know they went through.  Overall, I saved about $10 today with price matching and using coupons and I also have a $4.47 Try me Free rebate to send in for Cortaid itch cream.  So, total spent was $120 - seems really good, but Dd and I did stop yesterday to pick up a few things we were out of and she wanted for snacks while her friends were over last night - so spent $34 yesterday, too.  And a few of the items will last awhile, now that I'm stocked up on margarine, canned fruit and soup.  Based on what I have been spending recently, I am going to start budgeting $325 for each bi-monthly paycheck, instead of $300.

Saved probably $20 by not going out to breakfast this morning like dh wanted to.  I told him nope - his 3 egg omelet with sausage, etc breakfast would be almost a weeks worth of the limit he's allowed of cholesterol mg' one meal!  So, he splurged (first time in 10 days) and had a homemade egg sandwich with only one egg and a little bit of ham in it.  The cholesterol medicine made his muscles totally ache severely so the doctor had him stop and we have to wait and go back in 2 weeks to see what he wants to try now.  Hopefully he can find something that will work for him in lowering cholesterol and not make his muscles ache more than they already do on a regular basis.

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