Wednesday, September 28, 2011

$25 to my name

I'm am totally broke until payday on Friday.  I have $25 in my account and that is it. I've spent this week hoping and praying nothing comes up.  I started out with like $75 but then I forgot my $20 copay check had to clear and then I had to pay our electric company a $30 fee because I was totally stupid last month.  We used to have 2 checking accounts and I had them both set up with my electric company's online bill paying.  But I had one labeled checking and one labeled debit card.  I've been using debit for a long time now, due to having debit rewards, but Chase no longer offers debit card rewards so I thought "oh, I'll just use "checking" when I was paying my electric bill and forgot this was linked to the old checking account no longer open.  Ooops! My payment didn't go through and the electric company dinged me with a $30 fee.  I thought I could just pay it with my bill I will be paying on this Friday, but no.....they send me a disconnect notice! OMG! I have been a customer for 22 years with never a problem.  So I went online yesterday and paid the $ leaving me with $25.

Yikes! I hate being this close to no money.  I do get a small $112 check tomorrow, from a side job I do, that I can get deposited, so then I will feel relieved.  I went with Dh this morning to his doctor's appointment.  We have a $30 bill with them (that again, I plan to pay on Friday) and of course she asks if I'd like to pay today.  Sigh...can I pay on Friday when I get paid?  Sure no problem.  Then the doctor wants dh to go on cholesterol medicine and I have no idea how much that will cost - hopefully just the $15 copay, but I don't want to go in this afternoon and find out it's more and I can't cover it.  I'm just going to tell dh the doctor just sent it over and it won't be ready until tomorrow. I can get my small check deposited and then pick it up.

Seriously - I just have to make it 24 more hours!  I hate this!  Then I'll probably go through it all again until next payday because we have to pay the painter the remaining $900 and that will take most all of my extra.  I'm liking the fact that I've had $900 extra each of the past 2 months, but boy is it sure wiping me out having to spend it ALL.

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