Friday, May 26, 2017

What not chatter

June is going to be an expensive month. In addition to DH having a birthday. A niece is graduating college and another is getting married. The graduate I will just send a check, I think.  The wedding I will have something sent from one of their registry's.

Yesterday we received our copies of the developer's letters to the homeowner and renters, so they should have their's in their mailboxes too.  He sent their's certified so he will know if/when they get them. Every time DH goes to mow the lawn he has to pick up a bunch of rocks out of our yard next to the fence between us. Isn't that nice? I told DH to just start putting them in a bucket and then next time one of them is outside say "hey, you want your rocks back?" The guy was outside until at least 2:30am making noise in his driveway/garage - left work at 6am. Again, I ask - how can someone stay awake like that on a regular daily basis?  DH was out watering the front lawn after I left for book club last evening. One of our dogs was standing near the edge of our driveway, a few feet from DH. A friend (regular visitor/stays overnight alot) of the renters had pulled up and parked on their shoulder and another truck pulled up next to him on the street and they talked for about 10  minutes. DH said when the truck in the street started to leave he turned around to make sure our dog was not in the street (he wasn't) but still called him over to him anyway. The guy (don't even know who he is) literally swerved toward our driveway like he wanted to see if he could hit the dog or something. DH said he did a double take like "WTH?!!" and turned back and looked at the kid who had parked on their shoulder (he was still there) DH said he was standing there with his mouth open and DH just kinda stood there looking at him and then he kinda shyly waved his hand at DH and then DH said "Hi Cody, how are you doing?" (DH has talked to him before) and he was like "uh....good....." It was like he didn't know what to make of what that guy just did either.  So, it's going on our growing list of notes that the developer has asked us to keep, if he needs to go to court on this home owner.

DD is trying to enjoy a vacation with her BF. LOL.  They are at the Indy500...for a whole week!....with his parents and another couple that are friends of his parents.....Day 2 DD was already texting me that she's ready to come home. It's hard to vacation on other people's time schedules. They flew out at midnight and didn't get there until like 9am (connecting flight/layover). She had basically no sleep for 30 hours and the next day they really didn't have set plans, just some sight seeing and they wanted to get started at 7am. She's like omg. I haven't slept in over 30 hours and then I'm supposed to get up like at 6am? when we have all do to just putt around and no real plans? Then it rained all morning yesterday and they wanted to buy tickets to the dirt track race for that evening. She told them, no - just wait - it's going to get canceled. They were all like "no, the rain is supposed to stop by evening, it will be fine". She's like I grew up at dirt tracks, this ain't my first rodeo.  It won't be able to dry out in time to race.  She was right - it got cancelled. LOL

Plus she said the hotel is awful. The parent's friends booked it. I looked it up and it's only a 2 star, so no wonder. If you are traveling with a group and want to make sure everyone is at least a bit comfortable, at least pick a 3 star - especially when you have to stay there for a whole week.

Last night was book club. A more manageable amount of 8. A very good book that we all loved: The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah.  Carpooled with a couple other ladies and got to listen to the small town gossip. Again, another one who cannot stand (and she works for him) the son of our crabby old neighbor on the other side of the alley. So far, have not heard one person say something nice about him, LOL.

I don't know what we are going to do this weekend. There's a big flea market in a neighboring town all weekend. Trying to talk DH into going to that.  Most likely we'll take another drive exploring the area. Weather is supposed to be super nice for the next week.


  1. OMG, I never comment on blogs, but I have to say, "REALLY? A WEEK in Indiana?" Whose idea of a vacation is that? hahahaha

    1. HAHA! I don't think it's mine LOL. we drove through there once and did the race track tour. We also flew there literally for a one night stay to take our son to a racing awards banquet years ago