Friday, May 12, 2017

Weekend plans

I can't seem to get things to work right with my job this week. I was trying to pay bills online (still using the old bank online billpay method) and I get a few bills entered and then suddenly get an error message from the bank. "try again later". Tried to pay bills 3 times and finally gave up. Thank God it's my half day Friday and this week's almost over! Hopefully I'll have better luck with everything next week, eh?

My afternoon plans consist of vacuuming and whatever else housework I feel like getting done. We are going out to dinner with our neighbors across the street and we are looking forward to that. DH might go bear hunting with him next Monday. That should be an experience for DH, haha! he's not a hunter, but he'll just go along for the ride and company.

I'm going to head into the city first thing tomorrow morning to get some grocery stocking stock up done, pick up a prescription, and get all my annual flowers for planting in pots. I'm sure that will take me all morning, for sure. I'll probably spent Mother's Day planting it all :)

Sunday it sounds like we will have some friends visiting. DH has a friend he grew up with, who now lives on the other side of the state. He called the other morning to see if we will be home on Sunday - they will be passing through on their way back home from a trip, and wanted to stop in and see us. DH and friend are the same - talk talk talk when they get together or on the phone. His wife and I will probably hardly get a word in edgewise LOL. I've only met her once before (new-ish wife) but she seemed kind of like me, a bit on the shy/quiet side. 

Weather doesn't sound too good this weekend and hopefully I can be outside to get my flowers planted.

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  1. Now, I am getting antsy about these computer problems. I hate to be working on something on the computer and have it all go wrong.