Monday, May 1, 2017

Monday this and that

Yesterday was such a gray drizzly rain day. I never did get any energy at all and took two naps! The rest of the day I just read. I didn't even make a normal dinner. We just had some spaghettio's and ham sandwiches. While we were out on our little drive on Saturday my check engine light came on. DH used his code reader on it, but still not really sure what caused it. It's off now. Maybe we just hit a bump or something. We'll be keeping an eye on it. Just hit over 100,000 miles on it. Hope to keep it at least a couple more years.

As I'm typing this my cursor is not showing up. A bit annoying as I keep loosing my place, if I pause or backspace to fix spelling. Ok, now it's back, LOL.  I'm waiting for someone from the IT company for my side job to give me a call.  I went to log in remotely on Friday and it wouldn't work. Waited an hour or so and tried again and no luck. I emailed their office manager, who said some settings or something got changed, so they are supposed to call me today to get me working again.

Today is blue sky and sunny and the weather is supposed to get to 80 degrees on Thursday! We really haven't turned our heat on much the past month. DH wants the propane left to last until the summer rates kick in. We haven't really been too cold - we just keep dressing in our winter sweatshirts and sweaters and have been comfortable. That will also make our electricity bill go way down, as our furnace blower runs on electricity. Last month our electricity bill went down to $264 and it had been $400 the winter months before. I'm hoping it's below $200 this next bill. Especially because our water bill will be higher, due to having to water the newly planted grass seed.

I forgot to mention I had book club last week. My property neighbor picked me up to ride there with her, so that was really nice and gives us a chance to chat and get to know each other more. A huge turnout this time. 13 ladies. So lots of new faces and names to remember and meet. I was a bit overwhelmed, since I didn't know most of them and the few I do "know" I don't really know very well at all. It's not really a comfortable feeling for me as I'm not an extrovert, but I survived. The house of the host was very strangely laid out. It's a 1/2 million dollar house (I know this because it's for sale) on the river, but such a weird layout. They've been trying to sell awhile and have lowered the price. I'm sure the floor plan is not inviting many buyers. Even my neighbor commented to me on it as we were leaving.

We are still trying to find a phone number for the lady who owns the house next door. The number we found (and another number) both come up disconnected. The property developer had emailed last week that he couldn't find her number in his records (he had supposedly talked to her last August) and was going out of town for a week and would look again when he got back. I emailed him this morning that the number we tried was no good and he replied back he will keep looking for it. Otherwise, I guess we'll have to go the letter from an attorney route, right off.  Meanwhile DH was standing out in our driveway early yesterday evening, just to let the dogs out for a pee (he thought they weren't outside and we can't let our dogs on our seeded lawn just yet, so have to take them to the vacant lot on the other side of us) and here comes the 3 year old running over to say hi - all the while scraping her hand/fingers along the side of my part of keep your kids OUT of our driveway do they not get? apparently the mom was on their little front porch area that's kind of recessed so DH didn't see them when he decided to go out.  There is no way in the world we could even think about pulling DH's nice (like people take care of a classic type car nice) pick up out of the garage, if they are anywhere near around.

I didn't get time to finish this post when I started this morning. It's late afternoon and no call from the IT folks. Frustrating!

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