Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Mid week rambling

It's supposed to warm up to almost 70 degrees today. Currently this morning it's only 41, so far. We have a ways to go to get there. Tomorrow's forecast is 81! That should get that grass seed sprouted - at least we are sure hoping.  The previous owners left a picnic table on the back patio. She also left some stain that she had intended to stain it with, but never got around to it. I just helped DH move it out to a sunny spot so it can dry out a bit (just damp from overnight moisture) and am sure I just whacked my back out.  Hopefully by this afternoon it will be dry enough to stain. I think we are going to end up taking it out to the property, though. The little back patio area isn't much bigger than the picnic table. We can set it near the river bank and take a lunch out there once in a while and watch the river.......though I have no idea how it will be it loaded on the trailer, as it's just way too heavy for me to help. I guess he's going to have to wait until his friend is over visiting sometime.

We really like our neighbor who lives across from us, on the other side of the vacant lots. He's home for 2 weeks and gone for 2 weeks, as he works out of state. Seems with the lack of jobs in this area, that is a common thing we hear on how people make a decent living around here (or they are retired). The lady who has the title company in town said her husband works out of state for like several months at a time and only gets to come home several times a year. They have kids too, which wouldn't make for very good family life, that's for sure. Anyhow, he's a nice friendly guy and when he's home he's just out doing stuff around his yard, etc during the day (his wife works in town here) and every so often he and DH chat. I think he gets home today and DH is anxious to tell him we "might" have good news as far as our neighbor having to clean up his junk. This guy has said he hates that they park in the street, as they go down our street to get to their house (his garage in in the back of his property) and it pisses him off that he has to drive on the other side of the street to go around them. The guy that owns these vacant lots emailed last night that he is still going to check with his attorney on what will be the next step, if the house owner doesn't follow through on her promise. He also said he'll probably be in town in a couple of weeks and would like to meet us.

Dinner meals this week have been (besides Spaghettio's last Sunday LOL) meatloaf Monday night and pizza last night. I can't find my pizza sauce (Classico) in town grocery so I ordered 3 jars from Walmart and my order got delivered yesterday. Tonight will be chicken fried steak and mashed potatoes, which as become a favorite of ours. Easy and very cheap meat. Tomorrow is just a hamburger helper casserole and Friday will be some leftover taco soup I had frozen in the freezer. I need to get the next 7 or so meals planned out and see if I have enough to get through another week, without shopping. I think I might. I also have a lasagne casserole frozen in the freezer, from when I froze half of it last time I made it. I also froze half of a loaf of garlic french bread. I'm getting better about doing that.

I'm reading a good book I came across called eleanor & park.  Easy read story about teenage love among a boy and girl who seem an unlikely pair. I started it after work yesterday and almost finished it already.

We haven't been eating out much at the town restaurant. Maybe once a month now or less. We've taken to stopping in at Wendy's for a burger when we are in the city and that is our "eat out" 2-3 times a month now and only costs about $12, so half the cost of eating at the restaurant.

I'm still waiting for a call from my side job IT company to get me back online with them remotely. They keep pushing me out, but now say they will be calling me today.

Yesterday was my mom's birthday (and also the anniversary of my dad passing 8 years ago). I chatted with her in the morning for a while. DD tried to call her when she got off work but no answer and texted me if I knew where Grandma was. Nope, sounded like she was staying home. She tried again later and got her. Mom was like "ya, I missed your call and saw you called. I was going to try to call you back, but the last digit of your phone number was missing". We have no idea how she did that with her flip phone, LOL, but that's how it goes with her ;)

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