Thursday, May 4, 2017

Muddling through the week

Since I totally buggered getting my mom a giftcard to mail with her birthday card, I told her I'll combine with Mother's Day (which we do quite often anyway). I'm just going to send her a bouquet of flowers, as well as have one sent to my MIL for Mother's Day.  I hate ordering flowers online - you never know if they will look good and I'm sure they don't look like the pictures! HA.  I might end up sending her something from Harry & Davids. I know she likes that and I know their stuff is good. Or maybe I'll just get a giftcard this next week (I should have to go to the city sometime in the next week for my new glasses) and mail with a Mother's Day card. Might be a cheaper alternative than flowers.

Beautiful sunny day today - getting up to 81 degrees. Wooo! We started seeing a few new blades of grass yesterday. Today should really help it along. I'm going to hate to see my water bill, but it's gotta get taken care of.

I'm still not able to log in remotely with my side job and I'm a tad annoyed now. Their IT company just keeps telling me "tomorrow". I'm on my 3rd email to them. Finally this morning I asked for an update on when I can expect to get this resolved as I have work to tend to. They keep saying they have a firewall they have to get installed first before they can get me set back up. They've been saying that since Monday and each day it's the same story. I kept telling them to call me anytime during the work day, but this time I said let's set up an appointment time for them to call. My luck I'd be on another call or in the bathroom or something and miss their call. This way I know for sure when to be available.

When DH was having that long conversation with the neighbors a couple of weeks ago (when their kid dented my car and their solution was I should park in the garage) the guy said "ya, I know how to get along with people if I want, but I also know how to make people's lives miserable (chuckle, chuckle). He was referring to the old owners, but DH also took it as he'll have no problem trying to make ours miserable too. Anyhow, not sure if his landlord has contacted them yet or not, but kind of getting that impression. They aren't parking in the street overnight anymore. He usually gets home from work sometime between 9:30pm and 10:30pm. He has this diesel pickup with no mufflers. So it's a loud one. He backs in his driveway and starts revving the engine a couple of times. Whatever LOL. He usually leaves about 6:10am. Most times he warms his truck up about 5-10 minutes. It's loud, often times wakes us up, but no biggie - the guy has to get to work. Yesterday morning he let it sit there running for 30 minutes. This morning it started up at 5:30 and he left at 6:20. 50 minutes. He knows when he parks backed in it's much louder than if he pulls in nose first, as then his exhaust is right next to the front of his house and our bedroom on that side. What a douche....doesn't even realize who he really is ultimately just making mad is his landlord. LOL. I didn't realize when DH was talking to her that she told him she wants to get them out of there completely, not just clean it up. DH had said to her that our goal isn't to get them to leave - just to clean up all the crap and we'll be happy. Apparently the young lady with the 2 little ones that moved in this week is his oldest daughter. (he has 6 kids total).

DH got the picnic table and another bench we have stained yesterday. Now he wants to just find someone to give the picnic table to LOL. I said well, then why bother taking all that time to stain it?! Silly. With the much warmed up weather now, I think I'm probably safe to plant flowers in all my pots and hanging baskets. I noticed the little grocery/hardware store in town has a big tent out put out front that they will be having some flowers and plants available to purchase soon.


  1. That neighbor of yours sure is awful! Hope the landlord succeeds and gets rid of him.

  2. Neighbors can be a problem. We have a next door neighbor who decided to not cut her lawn for an entire summer. Finally the city issued an order that it had to be cut, and we actually kept the 3 feet on our side of her driveway cut just to keep our house looking neat. I am not complaining because for the past couple of summers she had hired a lawn service and they keep it mowed. Whew!

    1. that must have been an eyesore. Glad the city was finally able to get it resolved. What do people think when they do stuff like that?

    2. It was more than just an eyesore. Her back yard was about waist high and had a lot of snakes.