Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Tightwad Tuesday

Here's a few things from my list:
Use reusable plastic food bowl covers for leftovers - I think I spent a $1 or $2 on a bag of various sizes and they are quite handy and I haven't had to buy plastic wrap in a long time.

Recycle pop cans and aluminum.  We take them into a nearby recycling center about once a year for $25-30 average.  Usually we split the money between the kids, as they are the one's who crush the cans.
Use library for books, books on CD (for my commute) and dvd's to see movies.  I don't have the budget to spend money on all the books I read (a lot), so my local library is my best friend.  I can go online and reserve books I want to read and they email when they are ready to be picked up. Now, I go online and can download books to my Nook, without even having to visit the library.

What "tightwaddy" things does your family do?


  1. I need to recycle more. Scratch that - I need to recycle. I'm ashamed.

    1. When our garbage company first started recyling we had 3 different bins and it was a pain and I wasn't very good at it. Several years ago they have us one huge garbage can and all our recycling can be put in it (except they don't do glass) and it's been much easier. I still hate the boxes and stuff piling up in my laundry room before someone takes them out the the can, though. Then aluminum we keep separate, out in our shed. We have a can crusher screwed into a side post outside and a big garbage can next to it, so makes it pretty easy to recycle.

  2. I second a library. We go to the library every Saturday and pick up a variety of books and DVDs for the whole family. I can only imagine how much money we save! And I'm a strong believer in DYI, reuse and re-purpose. We've done quite a few projects here for a fracture of a price. Also this year we try to keep our food waste under control. We are not doing as well as I would love to but I can definitely see a progress.