Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Crisis averted

I get home from work yesterday to find Dh sitting at my desk using my computer.  Oh crap! Dh's laptop charger sorta went "POP" yesterday and died.  IT boy wasn't sure if it was just the charger that went bad or maybe the battery went bad and caused the charger to die.    With Dh being home bound and not able to be very active his laptop is his main source of daily activity. Usually, when he has computer problems he freaks out and has withdrawals!  He was actually very calm, though I was starting to freak out thinking of him bothering me all day today asking to get on my computer while I'm trying to work.  I was even having thoughts of just driving up to the office so I could avoid his withdrawals - haha!

But, Ds was on his way to Batteries Plus after dinner last night anyway, to get a new laptop battery for his girlfriend's mom's laptop, so he took Dh's laptop with him so they could test the battery.  Luckily it was only the charger, but still cost $60 to replace.  If it had been both needing replaced I probably would have considered buying him a new, inexpensive laptop.  The one he has is over 4 years old and he uses it constantly.  It's really been a workhorse (Toshiba), but I don't expect it to last a whole lot longer, so I don't want to put much money into it.  I'm $60 poorer today, but I guess it could have been worse, at least I didn't have to buy a whole new laptop right now.

I'm just happy to be working from home today and have dh contentedly surfing the net over at his desk in the next room :-)


  1. I must say I am like Dh. I will freak out BIG time when something goes wrong with one of my computers, and all must halt until they can be repaired.

    Though I would've advised you search the charger online. My half brother's laptop charger broke over Christmas, and he went to several stores and the lowest he saw was $45 for a used cable. I got him a brand new for $12 including shipping on Amazon that delivered next day.

    1. Tanner, ordinarily I would have shopped around bought one online if it had been any of us but Dh, but I know his patience is whisper thin and I wanted it fixed last night, if at all possible. Him staying calm and not getting agitated is worth the extra money :-)