Friday, February 10, 2012

Finally Friday

Well, the taxes are done and e-filed.  The workday is done and it's time for the weekend.  As soon as Dd gets home from school we are going over to our hairdresser's for trims.  She operates out of her home and charges a very reasonable $12 each.  I think I will be un-frugal and be stopping at Subway to bring home dinner.  By the time we get done with our hair, make a stop at Lowe's to exchange the curtain rod it will be dinner time and I won't get to go grocery shopping for food to make dinner until tomorrow morning.  Guess I didn't plan that one out too well. 

The ant/pest control van just pulled in our driveway and I was like "what?!" They are supposed to be on quarterly now and were just here last month.  He must have figured out he was wrong (or he's telepathic) because he drove away without getting out.  Whew - I didn't budget that $42

My expense tracking using is going well.  Automatic and I'm liking it.  I received my electricity bill for January today - $325 - ouch! but it was EXACTLY what I budgeted, what are the odds of that?!  From here forward it should start going down quite a bit every month as it get's warmer.  My spring bills usually run $175 a month and summer around $115. 

Weekend plans? None really.  Just relaxing and working on cleaning and things around the house that need to be done.


  1. Thank you for having my back! I really appreciate that. Seriously.

    Ok, mint.....I have wanted to useip it but am skeptical about putting all my account info in there. Was that an issue for y'all?

    1. No problem on the comment help! Geez - we've all had moment's where we do something stupid we normally wouldn't just have the guts to confess it :)

      I've been on a couple of years with no problems. I think I first read about it in Money Magazine and they endorsed it as safe and top-rated. According to their site over 7 million people now use it.

  2. Jealous that you filed your taxes, I keep putting it off but I know I need to do it soon.

  3. You have been tagged!!! Come visit me.