Saturday, February 18, 2012

They are back

I didn't get to enjoy a day to myself for very long.  Dh and the kids left at 5:30 this morning and I stayed in bed until 8am.  Got up, spent a bit on the computer and then got ready to leave so I could go do my Mom's tax return.  2 hours later I was back home to find a text from Dd that they were already on their way home and they got home shortly after I got back.  Ah well...

They only stayed about 3 1/2 hours at the swap meet, but it was miserable weather and not a big group as usual (a yearly swap meet) but Ds did manage to sell $500 worth of his parts and he also did a good deed by selling $1110 worth of our deceased friend's parts...something his wife is surely going to appreciate when he takes the money over to her!  She'll probably start crying :)


  1. Wow! Well done! What a blessing that will be for her! :)

  2. Ds was so excited to call and tell her but she kind of blew the wind out of his sails....he walked into the room and said "I got a hold of her" and at the same time both Dd and I said "did she cry?" and Ds said no, she just said, "oh, ok - well, we're getting ready to go out to dinner" Not a thank you or anything. Hmm....I know she is struggling emotionally (it's only been about 10 months) and maybe it was just a reminder of her husband she didn't want to deal with at the time my son called. Anyway - Ds did good and I am proud of him!