Monday, February 27, 2012

Monday morning

I had planned to stay home yesterday and save money on gas.  Even if I had wanted to go anywhere I couldn't have. I woke up during the night Saturday with a headache that just kept getting worse all day yesterday. Advil didn't help, the stronger pain meds I have for when my back goes out didn't work. I finally realized it was a sinus headache around dinner time so took some Benadryl.  I basically slept from 6:30 last night until this morning. Ugh.

I sure didn't get as much done as I wanted to yesterday. I did manage to get my bathroom at least wiped down, the dusting done and my kitchen floor mopped, so better than nothing, I guess.  On a good note, I made dinner at home Fri, Sat and Sun, no money spent on fast food.  Saturday I made spaghetti and there is enough leftover for me to take for lunch today and tomorrow. Yum!  And I did make the brownies on Saturday.  I used cholesterol free liquid egg whites in place of regular eggs and they turned out really good.

Back to work for the week - if this sinus problem keeps up I'm going to have to go buy some non-drowsy medicine. I can't be knocked out by Benadryl every day!


  1. Sinus infections are so much fun! But the meds are really bad. They make me so sleepy and the day time ones wire we like an over active pitbull!

  2. The meds affect me easily too. I only took one of the benadryl pills, instead of two and it still knocked me out