Friday, February 3, 2012

A savings snowflake

I deposited the 2 checks from my 2 side jobs today.  A bit more than usual, since I got in a few extra hours in getting the year end accounting done.  Almost $900 total! I budget for $750-$800, as that is my usual monthly amount.  When I did the deposit into the ATM I took out $20 cash. I've decided to try a little experiment to increase my savings.  Every month when I deposit my side jobs checks I'm going to keep out $20 to just put into an envelope - to save.  For what I don't know....maybe for extra Christmas money, maybe to raid for those small Murphy emergencies, or unplanned expenses, or maybe to just keep on saving and put whatever I save at the end of the year into regular savings.  I just keep envisioning having hidden this huge wad of $20 bills -  maybe my kids will find it when I'm old and kick the bucket, LOL.


  1. Yup, I had to develop a 'especial Murphy fund' to take care of all these small things. Even if you don't know what for, you have to save. You never know when you'll need them. A big wad of $20's would be a lovely find, but don't go kicking any buckets anytime soon!

  2. Good plan! $20's will add up quite quickly too!! :)