Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Spender half our of marriage

Dh has the short term memory of my 93 year old Grandma (but get in an argument with him and he's still fighting over something from 20 years ago!), so he has asked me several times over the past couple of weeks how much income tax refund we are getting (remember, I am telling him it's around $1500, not the $2600 it ended up being).  He asked again last night and I told him...again.  I still hadn't asked him what he wanted to do with the money, specifically. I know there is not one single part of him that will want to save ANY of it (hence, the lie of how much it really is) and more than likely what he wants to buy is something he thinks HE needs and rarely something WE don't need.

His mind will probably change between now and when the refund actually hits our bank account, but for the time being he wants to use it toward some landscaping improvements.  I'm ok with that, in fact I think that's a great plan (provided I still have my untouched EF).  He's had a plan of what he wants to do with our driveway area for about the past year and it will involve some backhoe/dozer type work, some landscaping blocks and a lot of Thuja trees to add some privacy from the road.  Now, if I can just get him to stay on track with that idea and not get distracted by something stupid to buy, life will be good.  He'll have a project to keep him busy for quite some time and I'll have a nicer yard to look at. A win win for both of us.


  1. LOL my husband is the same way! I love him to death but I have to tell him something about 100 times and still write it in his calendar to make sure its there!

    Landscaping sounds good! I am trying to put a little aside to make sure I have enough to put some plants and thinks in the back this year


    1. I think he's still on the landscaping path. He was outside yesterday measuring and spray painting some marks, so that is a good sign :). Thanks for joining my blog!