Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Cell phone update

Well, my strategy for my pay as you go cell phone apparently has worked as I had hoped.  I had about 350 minutes left from my $100/1000 minute card purchased 1 year ago.  I was hoping to be able to carry those 350 minutes into another full year, without purchasing another $100 card.  I purchased a $10 refill card and added it to my account.  Because of the "gold status" achieved from my $100 card purchased last year and now the $10 refill added before the year was up, I was able to extend my unused minutes for another 12 months. 

Though, buying the $10 card wasn't equal to 100 minutes (or 10 cents per minute, as the $100 card equivalent was) - it was more like 30 minutes, or .30 per minute.  Ouch.  But my main goal was carrying forward the unused 350 minutes and that was accomplished.  Those minutes, plus the 30 or so just added should get me through the next 6 months or so.  At that point I will buy another $100/1000 minute card, thereby extending my one year from that date.  For the year I have just had, plus my estimated 6 months left until I use my minutes up I will have spent about $6 a month for my cell phone use.  Perfect!

1 comment:

  1. Good job!! You are very good with your minute usage!