Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Some good deals and extra income

I decided to use my $10 JC Penney coupon towards some new jeans, which I have been needing for work attire. I got some nice black jeans. They were regularly $36, on sale for $19, so I got them for $9!  Dd had an Aeropostale $10 coupon, so she got some fragrance she's been wanting for $2.50.

I know this isn't exactly "frugal" but I love reading magazines, it's a nice way for me to relax.  I only get them if I can get them free or a big discount. has Family Circle for $3.20 per year, for up to 4 yrs! I got 3 yrs for less than $10!  Figured that was worth a little splurge, especially since I'll be working a little more to earn extra income - I'll need some relax time.

The little accounting side job I made about $600 on is turning into something more long term.  I'll be doing their bookkeeping and misc. accounting needs on a remote basis.  This is for a company that the company I work for sold off this branch.  I know the system and they only need part time help and don't want to have to train and spend the extra money right now.  So, I think it will be at least $300-400 per month extra to me, which is much welcome. Helps keep us off the "edge" of my budget and will allow for a little savings each month. Wooohooo!

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