Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Still back and forth

My grandma is not doing too well. Yesterday wasn't too bad and we thought she was getting better, but by evening she got totally confused. Didn't know where she was and wasn't making sense at all. My mom and I got down there this morning and she hadn't eaten any of her breakfast, though physical therapy had got her to sit in the chair for awhile. But, then after that all she wanted to do was sleep. When the doctor came in (a new one on shift for the next few days) he wants to keep her at least a couple more days to see if they can get her back to her "baseline" of sitting up for long periods, feeding herself and walking a little. If she can do that then he recommends she return to the adult care home has been in and have PT come in there to work with her several times a week. He feels it best that she go back to someplace familiar to her and that she would respond to PT better if she is in her familiar surroundings. While I was there and the dr. was talking to her, you can tell she is still somewhat confused. She does know she is in the hospital (last night she didn't) but all she kept saying was she was going home and not staying. She wanted to know how long it takes to drive her back home.

I can tell my mom is stressing out quite a bit. She's kind of hyper anyway, but gets worse when she's stressed. It's helping when I am there and she is talking to the nurses or doctor. I have to get her to actually stop talking and listen to them! She rattles on using my grandma's caregivers name or the name of the person she's been working with on the medicaid issue and they have no idea who she is talking about, so I break in and say "her caregiver" etc. When we went down to lunch I told her she just needs to use words like "caregiver" or "medicaid person", instead of using first names. She's also always butting in when they are trying to talk (and assess) to my grandma so at one point I distracted her so they could do their job! Another time a nurse type manager came in to ask questions about what type of care facility she has been and give some resources if we wanted her in a skilled nursing facility, etc. My mom just starts rattling on like that lady would already know the background and I finally butted in and slowed her down a bit so the nurse could get the info she actually needed.

I am happy my dinner menu planning kept us from stopping and getting fast food the 2 evenings we were on our way back home during dinner time. It was tempting to stop, especially as I was tired, but for a change DH wanted to eat at home instead of fast food.  Saturday night we had planned on homemade pizza and since that doesn't really take long to make we came home and made that for dinner. Sunday I didn't go back down to the hospital until after dinner.  Yesterday was a tennis match for DD and then the guys needed to leave by 6pm to go do something and we didn't get home until 5, but my meal (chicken sandwich ring using crescent rolls) was pretty quick to make so we had enough time.

Plus, I'm saving about $20 on gas this week (though I'll end up spending it going to the hospital twice  day!). I went into work yesterday and my boss told me to just work from home the rest of the week. The owners and quite a few of the other staff members are out of town all week at a convention so it's pretty quiet at the office and no reason I can't just do what I do from home. I'm just using my built up vacation time to take off when I need to go to the hospital, so no worries there.


  1. Hang in there, virtual hugs to you & your mom!

  2. So sorry that you're going through such a rough time right now... :( ((hugs & prayers)) for you and your family.

  3. Hope she feels better soon. I know people that get hyper (or more hyper) when under pressure or stress, and they usually end up crashing. Try taking your mother out for a bit to calm the both of you. It can be very overbearing to have a sick elder and not knowing what exactly will happen.

  4. Thanks everyone. Tanner - great advice. My mom did get a bit of a break today - my granmda's caregiver came and spent the morning with her so my mom got some time to herself at home just to sleep in and try to relax some.

  5. I agree with Tanner ~ your mom is probably over anxious and this is how it is presenting itself. I do the same thing and have to make a conscious effort to shut up and listen. Take care of yourselves during this stressful time. I hope things improve for your grandma.