Friday, April 5, 2013

Crabby TGIF

Boy, I am crabby this morning! First it was DH snoring keeping me awake. After the 3rd time I told him to roll over onto his side I finally gave up and went to sleep into DS's empty room. But from there I really got to hear the neighbors dog barking and barking and barking.  Apparently it had already been going on for hours, according to DD, who's bedroom is also on that end of the house. What the hell is wrong with people?!! If we can hear it plain as day 2 acres away - what does it sound like at their house?

And now our dog#2 has been driving me nuts all morning. He thinks I should just be constant treat machine to try and keep him quiet and busy. I gave him a treat in his kong ball a couple of times this morning as I try to complete some work at my desk but when I stopped he started in the whining or he starts trying to "play" with dog#1, which consists of biting at his heels and anywhere else he feels like. I finally put the gate up and told dog#1 to go back to bed.

And then add in an anal boss of my boss who is nitpicking over .44 cents! A tenant in our building shorted his $8000 and some odd dollars and cents rent payment by .44 cents a year ago. Seriously, just live with it! But, no I had to make a journal entry for .44 cents to adjust for it. Our financials are already closed and tax return done for last year, so really I shouldn't have been making any entries into last years books, but .44 isn't going to affect anything, so I just did it to make bossman happy.

Not to mention, as soon as DH wakes up I get to spend the day listeneng to him complain about every little thing in his life. Honestly, I am so glad he goes to bed late late and sleeps in late - give me a few hours of  not having to listen to him complain about the same things every single day. The weather is definitely affecting his moods. We had some nice days the past couple of weeks and he was starting to get outside and do things during the day, which had a noticeable improvement on his mood. Now we are back to crummy weather the past couple of days and I can tell. Twelve more days until DS is home and he can help keep DH busy with stuff!


  1. Oh sweetie, I'm sorry your Friday was crappy. Hope your weekend is much better! It's cloudy & gloomy here too, supposed to rain, but the positive is that it's supposed to be 60 degrees! I will take it! I hear ya on the dh problems - you know how I commiserate with you. Do something fun for yourself today :)

  2. Thanks Michelle :-) We did treat ourselves for dinner last night. We still had a $25 giftcard left from Christmas to the Mexican restaurant so we went there last night. Had to pay a little out of pocket, but not much. DH had his glasses on and was like "oh, I can really read this menu good now, LOL" Funny part is he usually never looks at it because he always orders the same thing.