Saturday, April 13, 2013

Hair care savings

This week we stocked up a bit on some shampoo and conditioner for DD. She likes to use John Frieda and Rite Aid had a buy one get one 50% off sale, plus if you bought 2 you got a $3 UP reward.  Of course I had coupons too! I stacked a $5 off 3 Rite Aid Store coupon with (4) $2 off 1 manufacturer coupons.  Two shampoos and two conditioners came to $20.96 less $13 in coupons came to $7.96 and I got back $6 UP Rewards to use on next purchase.  But, for some reason (and I didn't notice this until after I was home looking at the receipt) the cashier rang one of the $2 coupons through an extra time - plus she put 2 of the coupons back in my bag. I have no idea why!  So, I paid $5.96 total and got $6 in UP Rewards - pretty much free shampoo and conditioner.

Tomorrow is a sale on Pantene, which I like, so I will be stocking up on 5 shampoos and conditioners. They are $3 each and if you spend $15 you get a $5 UP Reward back. I have (2) $3 off 2 coupons and one $2 off 1 coupon.  $15 less $8 in coupons less $5 UP Rewards = $2 for 5 products, .40 cents each.  I will use my $6 UP Reward from above and my out of pocket will be $1 on this transaction. 


  1. Nice savings! I need to check out the Pantene deal in our Rite-Aid!

  2. Wow, great deal!! I wish we had a Rite-Aid around here!

  3. I like Pantene, and I'm stocked up on conditioner for a while. Just have to get some shampoo. I bought 2 25oz bottles for $3 total. That was quite the deal on Amazon.