Friday, April 12, 2013

Is 50 really the new 40?

Ok, this getting old thing is really for the birds! Last month I dealt with the acid reflux problem (which thankfully hasn't returned....yet). Now this past week my feet have started hurting. What the heck? I've never had feet problems. The instep bottom of my right foot started tingling a bit when I'd step on it and over the course of a few days got worse and turned into pain. I googled it and self diagnosed myself (ya, cuz that's always a smart thing to do!) with plantar fasciitis. Foot pain right where I have it that goes away after you keep walking on it. Yep, that's exactly what it is doing.  WHY??  Common causes are high heels........well, I'm here to tell you I haven't had on a pair of heels in probably almost 18 years and even then they were low heels, usually not more than 2 1/2 inches. Another cause apparently is age. Oh yay - guess I fall into that category. I also have new tennis shoes that I got a couple of months ago and thought maybe those are causing it, so I've stopped wearing them this week to see if it helps, but no change so far.  I also notice that when I am sleeping (I sleep on my side with my knees pulled up) I cross one foot over the other foot - right over the instep and usually on my right foot.  I'm noticing pain during the night when I do this, so I have been trying not to, but that's kind of hard to tell my sleeping brain. Now the left foot is getting a bit sore  I really don't want to have to go to the doctor (and it doesn't sound like there's alot that can be done for it) but will give it a week or so more and see. I also don't want to be in pain everyday either.  My mom has had feet problems for years, but she has a totally different type of foot than me (she got her dad's weird feet) and her arches fell, so she has to wear orthodics in her shoes.

On the other hand, maybe the foot issue is related to the weight I've gained? While it's not a huge weight gain, it might be considered that for my small frame. I'm 5'4" and from my teens until I was 42 I weighed 105 pounds and I'm very small boned. (You'd not believe my ring size, haha). In 2007 I was involved in a car accident which messed up my neck and back and reduced my activity level to just getting myself to work each day for over a year. At that time my weight went up to 115 and then just stayed there, until this past year - when old age metabolism must be kicking in, where now it's up to 123. a 17% increase in weight might just be telling my feet - hey! Drop a few pounds!

Oh, and it's getting harder to read it's time for new glasses for me.  But even with vision insurance that I have through work, it's still going to cost me at least $300 to get new glasses with progressive lenses...and you know I'm not going to that "cheaper" place we just took DH too..... Just not in the budget the next couple of months, so I'll push it off a little longer and just move the stuff I am reading a little farther out.At least with my Nook reader I can make the font bigger :-) 


  1. My landlord's mother in law keeps telling me that I need to stop aging because getting old isn't fun. She tells this to me as if it was an option. She's almost 70 though, and has outlived over 70% of her immediate family, including some of her own children. I know that I'll hate myself when I get to that age or anywhere nearby because of my part time job... it's really hard on my body and I'm starting to feel it. Oh, what am I saying. I've been feeling it for years! Ha.

  2. Yikes, Im heading in the same direction. I can't thread a needle now without a needle threader (my eyesight isn't what it once was), I can't have caffeine more than once a week (acid reflux thing), and yes, the pounds are slowly creeping on and definitely not wanting to leave no matter how much I exercise!

  3. I was just diagnosed with plantar fascitis Thursday. This was after 2 months of trying to treat it myself. I switched shoes, got a brace,, iced it, stretching exercises. Nothing helped. Finally broke down Thursday and went in. I have totally torn the muscle now because I waited to go in. I received a shot, which was wonderful and I had no symptoms until this morning. The pain is back, but not 100%, maybe 50%. He also gave me orthotics fro my shoes. Everything else he says I'm doing what I'm supposed to be doing. No going barefoot until healed either. If this doesn't heal, looking at surgery next.

    Weight definitely won't help, but he said it has more to do with fallen arches. I've always had kind of flat feet and wore inserts as a child. My feet naturally pronate as well.

    I'm in my 40's too...I know the feeling!

  4. Have you tried Dr Scholls (or off-brand) insoles? I had some foot pain several years ago (don't remember what Dr called it) and he suggested that I try those first. It worked!
    Unrelated--Progressive "snapshot" just became available in my state. You may want to see if it is now an option in yours. We aren't with Progressive but I work in insurance and saw the announcement. I think it's available in all but 6 or 8 states.
    Hope you resolve the foot issue easily.

  5. Oh Angie - you are scaring me! I'll try not to self treat for too long. For the past 2 days I have been trying the stretching exercises and actually got out of bed this morning and started walking and no pain. It still feels a bit "tender" but not painful, so I'll keep trying those stretches for now. I hope you heal and not need surgery.

    Susan - I was thinking of trying the insoles - if this keeps up I might give that a try before the doctor. THANKS for the info on Progressive Snapshot - it looks like it is available in my state now. I'll be giving Progressive a call today! Hopefully I can get some additional savings

  6. I have plantar fasciitis that comes and goes. The longest it latest was over a year. make sure you always wear shoes or sneakers with good arches at all times. Don't go barefoot. Yes, getting old sucks with all of the aches and pains; however the alternative sucks even more. So do what I do, grin and bear. Ignoring it sometimes makes it all go away. And bless your lucky stars every morning when you wake up without another ache or a pain! :-)