Monday, April 29, 2013

Monday out of the way

I got an email today from the new health insurance company I put in the application for. The application for DH and kids has been approved and will go into effect May 1st. Woo! I was hoping it would get processed for May and not have to wait until June. I submitted the application online about 2 weeks ago, but the information said it could take up to 30 days. Now I will have an extra $232 a month! Great - just in time to help pay for my new tooth - haha!  $271 monthly premiums is much better than $503 per month.

I tried something new for dinner tonight. Kind of a layered dip/nacho's type dish. Everyone liked it and it was very filling, which was good, since I didn't know what to have with it, so I didn't have anything else. Dessert was strawberry shortcake.

I made some brownie points with one of the company owner's today. My boss was at my desk talking to me and he walked out of his office and asked her if she had any idea of who could stop by an engineer's office about 25 miles south of our office and pick something up for him. Just as she was looking at me (knowing I could do it) I was saying "oh, I can do it - I practically drive right by there on my way home". Then a few minutes later he said he also needed a sample dropped of there so we loaded that in my car and I took care of the pick-up/drop-off on my way home. Really, the whole thing probably took me 10 minutes out of my way home and saved him a trip down there this afternoon - which in traffic there and back probably would have taken him and hour and a half.


  1. And you saved the environment, less cars!

  2. Those are always good favors to make, and easy ones. That's really good news on the insurance. That's a bundle saved!