Tuesday, April 16, 2013

I'm a member now

I finally got a Costco membership. I was going to take a commenter's suggestion about just getting a household card on my mom's membership, but after reading the fine print it does say that proof of living there would be asked for. Then, last week as we were walking past the membership desk on our way out I heard the employee say to a lady - "we'll need to verify she lives with you for a household card". So, that nixed that idea.

I ordered my membership via a MyPoints offer. I got 550 MyPoints and also a coupon booklet came with the membership certificate. Free case of Kirkland water, free 48 pack of Kirkland AA batteries and a free Rotisserie chicken! Plus some other $ off coupons that I may use a few of.  Of course this certificate came in the mail the day AFTER I had to go to Costco to pick up DH's med's! But while we had been there waiting for his medication we walked around again to kill time and saw 2 things we knew we'd be buying. The guys use the blue shop paper towels and they had a 10 pack for $12.00. Usually I can get them for $2 each so that was a great deal. DD saw a box of 16 cans of tennis balls for $30.

Not knowing if these items are offered regularly (I doubt it with the tennis balls) we went back Sunday afternoon to get these and our free items. It wasn't as crowded as I figured it would be and I did notice gas is quite a bit cheaper there, so I can start using that too to save.  I'll just be going once a month when I pick up DH's meds, and have a small list of things I see I can get cheaper.  Too bad they don't carry our dog food brand.

I'm not really tempted by too much there - the large sizes/quantities don't always appeal to me as I don't have a lot of room to store it, so I think I'll be pretty safe to not overspend there.


  1. I would really like to buy in large quantities, but as you, have no place to store it. Definitely go in such places with lists, so you don't end up with a lot of "would be nice to have"s!

  2. We have Costco memberships. Mainly for the gas prices, which pretty much pays for the membership. That's saying something since we only drive about 12,000 miles a year.)

    But we do sometimes see stuff we want/need. It's just a matter of not buying too much, as you said. I've gotten meal replacement shakes (because I often just don't want to deal with breakfast/lunch), gummy vitamins, Nature Valley and Fiber One bars, liquor (once in a great while) and, er, family planning which is about half the cost as regular stores

    By the way, one of MyPoins rewards is for either a year of Costco or $50 towards the purchase. Can't remember which, but I'm definitely considering it..

  3. I agree - just the savings in gas will cover the cost of the membership. Some of their bakery items are good, too. Price on books (paperbacks) is excellent; and alcohol (beer - $1/bottle for Blue Moon, which we drink) is a great price. Can't get it much cheaper anywhere else. And be sure to try their snack bar - they have the BEST frozen yogurt - for about $1.50! YUMMY!

  4. I'm so jealous, the nearest Costco for us is almost an hour away. I have a hard time getting to the store that's 5 minutes away from my work LOL. I used to belong to Sam's Club, which is similar - but after I went back to work I let my membership expire since it's on the other side of town. Enjoy :)

  5. Abigail - I wish I had that many MyPoints to earn a reward like that!
    Susie Q - I love Costco cakes! We don't drink and I just can't get myself to purchase books - gotta use the library for me :-) I saw a lady walking out with what looked like soft ice cream or frozen yogurt and it looked so good!
    Michelle - Costco is only about 10-15 minutes from us, so that is nice. I can get gas either on my way to or from work and it won't be out of my way.

  6. Costco was my big outing for the day today. Lol! We get meat, baking supplies, peanut butter, olive oil and some kids clothes on a regular basis. Gas too when the line up isnt too long.

    You were asking over on my blog what medication i'm on for pain. It is Nucynta. I take the smallest dose of 50 mg CR. (slow release). It has helped so much with the nerve pain I have from a neck injury. I don't feel 100% but I have a much better quality of life now!

    I tried to go twice a day as it was ordered but I felt too dizzy sometimes. I have to drive and be alert for my job and the lowest dose gives me relief so my doc is fine with what I'm taking. I still need advil and tylenol top ups but the constant pressure ache of the nerve pain is gone.

    If this isn't something that your dh hasn't tried already it may be something to ask the doc about.
    Hope that helps!
    Take care